A criminal defense team who knows the law
is the first step to fighting back against DUI Charges
A criminal defense team who knows the law is the first step to fighting back against DUI Charges
A criminal defense team who knows the law

Get The Answers You Need About Hawaii DUIs

Law Office of Brian S. Kim is a reputable criminal defense law firm serving the people of Honolulu and Oahu. Our Hawaii DUI attorneys bring more than 15 combined years of experience to the firm. As a former prosecutor, our founder, attorney Brian S. Kim, has in-depth knowledge of the law from the other side.

If you have questions about the drunk driving charges you face, you can come to us.

What can I expect to face with a first-time DUI in Oahu?

The sentences for a DUI conviction, even your first DUI, are harsh. They can include:

  • At least $500 in fines and up to $1,000 in fines
  • Up to five days in jail
  • Three days (72 hours) of community service
  • A 14-day rehabilitation program

You may also experience unexpected de facto consequences such as loss of educational opportunities, losing out on jobs and limited housing options.

Do I really need a lawyer for my DUI charge in Hawaii?

You have the right to represent yourself in court. However, this is not always wise, and hiring a DUI lawyer in Hawaii is your best bet. Judges in Hawaii have a lot of discretion when it comes to assigning sentences. Your best chance of receiving a light sentence – or even of getting your charge dismissed – is to have a drunk driving defense lawyer who understands how to work with judges and the DA, or prosecutor.

A drunk driving defense lawyer can also assist with matters involving the Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office, usually called the ADLRO in Hawaii. Issues the Hawaii ADLRO is responsible for in drunk driving cases include:

  • Reviews and hearings regarding people’s driving privileges (and the subsequent decisions)
  • Issuing special permits to people who need to drive while their license is revoked
  • Keeping records related to license revocation

With a DUI attorney from Honolulu by your side, these administrative processes will likely be easier to handle.

What are the penalties associated with a second DUI offense in Oahu?

The sentence for each consecutive DUI is more severe than the one prior. For instance, the punishment for a second DUI conviction may include:

  • Fines between $1,000 and $3,000
  • Community service of up to 240 hours
  • License revocation between two and three years
  • Jail time of five to 30 days

A subsequent offense will include even higher fines, greater community service hours and longer incarceration periods.

What happens if I refuse to take a blood alcohol content test In Hawaii?

By operating a vehicle, you give your implied consent to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test. If you refuse to take such a test, the state can revoke your driver’s license for two to four years.

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