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3 decisions when drinking that can increase your risk of an OVUII

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Traffic Violations |

Alcohol is a big part of modern culture, but enjoying it comes with certain risks. If you have a few drinks after work and then want to drive home, you might get pulled over by a police officer because they suspect you of operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant (OVUII).

An OVUII offense is Hawaii’s version of a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. People can get arrested if they cause crashes after drinking or if they fail a chemical breath test during a traffic stop. Certain behaviors when enjoying alcoholic beverages might increase your chances of getting arrested for an OVUII offense.

Drinking when you haven’t had anything to eat

You had a long and stressful day at work, so you stop off for a round at your favorite bar when you finally leave for the day. Unfortunately, the pressures at work meant that you skipped lunch and have nothing in your stomach.

Drinking on an empty stomach will increase the effects of the alcohol and likely speed up how quickly you experience the chemical impairment that it causes.

Changing to a different beverage

In theory, one glass of wine has the same amount of alcohol as one bottle of beer or a mixed drink with a single shot of liquor. However, the actual alcohol content in a drink may vary substantially.

A Pilsner beer might have a substantially lower alcohol concentration than a Scottish ale. One shot of plain vodka is likely stronger than a flavored version, which could be as low as 40-proof.

If you switch from one type of alcohol to another, such as from red wine to liquor, you may consume more than you usually do without realizing it. Changing what you drink can be a dangerous choice, especially if you intend to leave the bar or restaurant shortly after enjoying a drink.

Drinking too quickly

Just like drinking on an empty stomach, drinking alcohol rapidly can increase how quickly and how strongly the alcohol affects you. If you order a beer and then get called back to work before the bartender serves you, you might drink the whole thing in a matter of a few minutes. You may notice the effects of alcohol far more after drinking quickly than when you sip it slowly and give your body a chance to process the alcohol.

Avoiding potentially dangerous drinking habits can reduce your chances of getting arrested for an OVUII offense in Hawaii.