This list is a simplified outline of the legal services we offer. We cover the entire range of legal services, and handle each with an individualized approach.

On other legal websites, you'll see an abundance of text dedicated to the types of cases that a firm handles. We are consciously keeping this page scaled down because Park & Kim creates a customized action plan for each client. Every case is unique, and not all cases fall neatly into a specific category.

We encourage you to call us directly so that we can discuss the approach we'll take in handling your specific legal needs.


• OVUII (DUI) cases

• Traffic cases

• Criminal Misdemeanor Defense

• Criminal Felony Defense

• Drug offenses

"Domestic Violence" defense

     o Abuse

     o Temporary Restraining Orders ("TROs")

     o Orders for Protection ("OPs" and "VOPs")

     o Harassment

• Landlord/Tenant disputes

• Civil disputes