A criminal defense team who knows the law
is the first step to fighting back against DUI Charges
A criminal defense team who knows the law is the first step to fighting back against DUI Charges
A criminal defense team who knows the law

What is excessive speeding in Honolulu?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Traffic Violations |

Speeding is a traffic violation in all of the states, and there is no difference in Hawaii. In fact, because the roads may be narrower or more treacherous in some parts of the state, it’s even more important not to speed.

If you or someone you know was speeding and stopped by a police officer, then you may now be facing a traffic ticket. For excessive speeding, you may also be accused of reckless driving, which is another serious offense that you need to defend against.

Reckless driving and excessive speeding

Excessive speeding in Hawaii occurs when you’re going over 80 mph or when you’re going 35 mph above the posted speed limit. For example, if the speed limit is 25 mph in a residential area and you’re traveling at 70 mph, you could face reckless driving and excessive speeding allegations.

Excessive speeding has heavy fines of $500 or more. You could also be forced to complete community service or have your license suspended. In some cases, you could even be jailed.

Reckless driving is a larger umbrella term that may include excessive speeding as one of its factors. Other behaviors that may constitute reckless driving include:

  • Disregarding dangers around you.
  • Driving in a way that poses a risk to others.
  • Going the wrong way on a ramp or one-way road.

Of course, all of these different actions are subject to interpretation. Going up the ramp the wrong way is dangerous, but it doesn’t necessarily constitute recklessness if you were confused about where you were or where you were supposed to turn, for example. Similarly, speeding in an emergency may not be good, but would it constitute recklessness? That’s open to the officer’s interpretation and the specifics involved in your case.

You deserve a defense regardless of the charges

No matter what charges or citations you’re facing, you deserve an opportunity to protect your own best interests. A traffic citation defense may help you minimize the risk of getting penalized for excessive speeding or could help you get the citation changed or dropped completely. It’s worth considering a defense for this situation.